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Humanitarian Green Farms with Specialty Grow Hubs
$5,000,000.00 - 12% - 16% ROI - 1 - 3 Years
8.9 Acres: Okeechobee, Fl. - Permits in process
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$5,000,000 - $10,000,000 
12% - 16% ROI - 1 - 3 Years
10 - 70 Acres (plus) Poconos, Pa,

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 All Women Should Have At Least (3) Three Men   Welcome to Matriarch Sovereign LoveGaia City

Today Will Begin A New Tomorrow

This is not by choice, but by natural design. Our world is changing and we must adapt. Traditional Society has failed the planet, the people, and it's wildlife. Women all over the world are now realizing it is time to take a stand, and correct all of this once and for all. You have just landed at your final destination! Where the meaning of life actually matters. Join the solution, and grow with the future that is before us. The plans are great, the future is bright, and harmonic balance is in tune. Embrace what is right, natural, healthy, productive, and reinstalls the meaning of life for all beings, as well as for our planet Earth.

Instructions for Men: The Reversal

If you are a married man, then this applies to you. All other men can apply this as well, but it is directed at married men who feel the need to go behind the backs of the Matriarchs. Whether they are acknowledged Matriarchs, or not.

Go home to your wife and inform her you have learned about a Society run by Women only. Each woman in the Society has at least 3 men each, or more. Men serve the women, and children of the Society. It is a Matriarch Sovereign that is highly desired by a large portion of the population.  Tell her (instead of you disrespecting her), that you acknowledge her position in Society to be superior to yours, and you agree that she has every option to have more than one man at her disposal. Tell her if she does not want you, that you will try to either make an effort to please her, or part ways on your own. You are able beings who can decide who will take what, and how to divide what you have. As opposed to handing all of your assets over to the vultures.

Inform her that it is her, who is in charge, and that if she wishes you to leave, you will amicably. Or stay and serve as one of three. The burden upon men lessens when there are more to share life with. Three is mild, compared to how many are now single/divorced/separated, and cheating. Show her the links on this site, and inform her you are much more educated about the way things work in life, now. Which is why the sudden change of heart, and desire to NOT deceive her. Explain to her that you were ignorant, and uninformed until now. Now you will afford her, "The Goddess", her opportunity to rule, and re-create life correctly, with or without you.

Informing her you are aware of her power, superiority, and that she deserves much more than you could possibly give her. Confirming openly that you accept this, and allow her to feel comfortable with her future decisions to involve additional men in her life to serve her. You may be asked to stay, for being so noble. Serving her, and other women she is associated with, may be very pleasing to her. Once she is aware of your understanding of your position with her. She may see a side of you that intrigues her. Either way you are still accomplishing what you were setting out to do anyway. Be with another women...see the logic?

Women are the supreme being, and their lives should be geared this way. Obviously tradition has failed our current society, and we are now in a societal collapse. However all men who wish to have a life, a future, a loving existence can indeed take steps to prepare, and bring to fruition a more productive society with women ruling the planet. Which is how it was meant to be. You have to start somewhere...Start here.

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Invite her to join this site, and others, to help her expand her life, and style of living. She is free to choose whichever lifestyle she likes. There is a very good chance she will absolutely love this way of living, and be grateful to you for introducing her to it. This of course is as opposed to hiring a vulture to shred your marriage, and divvy up all your hard earned money amongst his own family. The vultures are only there to swoop in, once you falter in life.

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   2. Are you happy with this patriarchal life your cohorts have created for you?
   3. Would you like to be able to have a fruitful life, with women who actually love you?
   4. Are you willing to do the right thing?
   5. Are you willing to make an effort to reverse this?
   6. Are you aware of the stats on all the dating sites? On a main one there are: 60,000 men looking for women. Yet only 6000 women looking for men! Do you see a problem with this?
   7. Has it dawned on you that we are already in a Matriarchy? I can show you stats if necessary.
   8. Do you love the option of being with Women? Then do this now, and change the future with us!

Matriarchy is the answer for all on this planet. Harmonic balance can be attained by making an effort.